City Councilors

The Mile of History area falls within three different city wards. Benefit Street between Olney and Angell Streets is the border between Ward 2 and Ward 12.

Ward 1—Seth Yurdin:
Represents residents at the southern end of Benefit Street from Power Street to Wickenden Street. Ward 1 includes most of Fox Point, the Jewelry District, and the Downtown area between Memorial Boulevard and Route 95.

Ward 2—Helen Anthony:
Represents residents on the east side (odd numbered addresses) of the northern end of Benefit Street from Angell Street to Olney Street and both sides of Benefit Street from Angell Street to Power Street. This ward includes most of College Hill.

Ward 12—Katherine “Kat” Kerwin:
Represents residents on the west side (even numbered addresses) of the northern end Benefit Street from Angell Street to Olney Street. Benefit Street is the easterly border of Ward 12 which also includes Capitol Hill, Smith Hill, and the Downtown area north of Memorial Boulevard.

The Mayor and City Officials

PVD311 System

Use the PVD 311 system for reporting any city-related concern that is NOT an emergency. For example, housing or code violations, issues regarding trash, graffiti, traffic, potholes, sidewalks, lighting, or any other non-emergency health/safety or quality of life issues. You can dial 3-1-1 on your phone (business hours M-F), download the 311 app on your mobile phone, or access the PVD 311 system on your computer.

Police & emergencies

Call 9-1-1 for any emergencies or to report a crime.

Providence Police, District 9 (College Hill)
Commanding Officer: Lt. Joe Donnelly,

Substation: 248-250 Brook Street Phone: 401.243.6990
Providence Police Weekly Crime Stats

Communicating with Neighbors

There are several neighborhood associations and two online networks you can join that provide platforms for learning about neighborhood issues and communicating with neighbors in the College Hill area. To join or for more information, contact:

Nextdoor College Hill Listserv:

East Side Listserv:

College Hill Neighborhood Association

Fox Point Neighborhood Association